How can a Real Estate Personal Shopper help you?

Our methodology consists of studying your real estate project and presenting you only the properties that best match your objectives. We develop an exhaustive report and a financial plan for each asset in order to determine the most interesting investment opportunities, and assist you throughout the purchasing process:

Types of Investments we can help you with

Residential Buildings

  • Renovated or to renovate
  • Multifamily rental properties
  • With or without a touristic license
  • High return

Commercial Buildings

  • Renovated or to renovate
  • With or without tenants
  • Office buildings, Hotels
  • High return

Houses and Apartments

  • Primary residence
  • Rental investment
  • With or without a touristic license
  • High return

Other Services

International & Golden Visa Investors

  • We collaborate with local law firms to obtain the Golden visa and the NIE (Foreign Identity Number) required for foreigners, and also help you establish a Spanish company. We make this process as easy as possible for you. You don´t have to worry about anything.

  • We collaborate with local tax experts

  • We also collaborate with trusted banking entities and loan agencies if needed.

After Sales Services

After the purchase of your property, we advise you on all after-sales procedures and we recommend you different collaborators for the management of your property:

  • Property insurance

  • Property Manager

  • Property reform and restoration