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MARCOS GARCIA - Lawyer GNP Abogados
Ana Fernández Ayza & Sandra Vicente Rodríguez - Architects

A few words from our clients

Myriam is a professional in every sense of the word, passionate and fully committed to her job. In addition to her experience and efficiency, she has a very good methodology to find what you are looking for, it was a commercial space in our case. We highly recommend her services not only for her technical knowledge but also for the warmth and good energy that she conveys as a person.
N.A., Commercial Space
Thanks to Myriam for her professionalism, expertise and commitment. She was able to find the right investment opportunity (two in my case) and I would not have been able to complete my project successfully without her help and assistance throughout the process. I know that I can always trust her and I highly recommend her services.
A.M., Residential Building + Apartment
A great experience with Myriam and her team! Personally, I can only congratulate them on their work and commitment. Everything went very well and Myriam was patient with us which is great quality! A turnkey service that allowed me to realize my project without any risk!
B.L., Apartment
I requested the services of “Barcelo Property Invest” for a rental investment in Barcelona. Not being there myself, I particularly appreciated having a trusted partner on my side who was focusing on my interests! Reliable, professional, high-level advice and very kind! I highly recommend their services!
N.A., Apartment

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