This article summarises the 10 Reasons why it is very interesting to invest in the Real Estate Market in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, creative, open and vibrant city, a metropolis with an intense cultural, business and commercial life. The Catalan capital is among the best cities in the world in terms of quality of life, security and equity.

  1. A Unique Mediterranean City

Barcelona has its own lifestyle which makes it unique throughout the world. Its Mediterranean character invites visitors to wander around its neighborhoods, meet its local people, enjoy its beautiful architecture and beaches, and most of all enjoy the great cultural, gastronomic and shopping selection that Barcelona has to offer.

  1. Location, location, location

Barcelona is the gateway to southern Europe, the center of an emerging economic Eurozone and the capital of the Mediterranean region. Its privileged location on the Mediterranean Sea and its good connection to the main European cities makes it one of the preferred destinations for international investors in Europe.

  1. Best quality of life in Europe

Barcelona has earned the title of being the European city with the best quality of life according to the European Cities Monitor; a position it has held for the last 14 years.

  • Pleasant climate: it offers a very enjoyable Mediterranean climate with more than 2,400 hours of sunshine a year
  • Beautiful Beaches: Its 4 kilometers of lovely beaches with calm and warm waters make it a unique city to enjoy the sea and water sports
  • Innovative Gastronomy: it offers a quality, delicious, innovative and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. The Barcelona area has one of the highest concentrations of Michelin-star restaurants in the world
  • Superior Education system: it offers a high quality educational system, from public schools to universities and prestigious international schools (French, British, North American, German…)
  • Green Spaces: it gathers numerous green spaces, such as urban and mountain parks, botanical gardens and emblematic parks such as Park Güell
  • Extensive Cultural Offer: the city offers many neighborhoods to explore, visit and enjoy; renowned buildings and emblematic monuments, world-famous tourist attractions and treasures of the ancient city. Barcelona has one of the best and most extensive cultural offer in Europe
  1. Very well connected to Europe

In addition to its extensive public transport network, Barcelona concentrates one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, a high-speed train AVE, an international airport and motorways connected to the European network; making it one of the largest logistics zones in Europe.

  1. Large Economic Area

Barcelona leads a large, dynamic and diverse economic area, which is committed to economy and knowledge-intensive activities, especially advanced services and new economic activities.

  1. Successful Foreign Investment

Barcelona is the headquarters of more than 5,000 foreign companies, which have demonstrated a consolidated presence for over 10 years and a high level of stability and return on investment.

“According to the European Attractiveness Survey realized by the consulting firm Ernst & Young, the Catalan region is one of the most attractive European regions to invest; with 116 projects that were implemented in Barcelona, representing 42% of the total in Spain.”*

  1. New Technologies and Sustainability

In Barcelona, several economic sectors linked to new technologies and sustainability are being developed with great intensity, offering attractive business and investment opportunities.

“Barcelona is the 1st smart city in Spain, the 4th in Europe and leads the innovations in terms of quality of life, security and equity.”*

  1. Favorite city for International Entrepreneurs

Barcelona has become one of the best places for international entrepreneurs, who have the opportunity to enjoy an entrepreneurial environment with a great emphasize on innovation, on the multinational character of its citizens and on the talent of its qualified entrepreneurs.** 

  1. Best Destination in Europe and Worldwide

According to a study by the world’s largest online traveler community, Tripadvisor, Barcelona is ranked 1st favorite destination in Spain, 4th in Europe and 5th in the world, just behind Paris, New York, London and Rome.*** 

  1. Barcelona, the City Brand that adds value

Various independent and international comparative studies bet on Barcelona, a city that is recognized worldwide for its prestige.

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