Success Story 3


Success Story 3

Barcelo Property Invest was approached by a non-EU family from Eastern Europe keen on relocating to Spain under the Golden Visa program. They sought our expertise to find a luxurious modern villa featuring high-quality finishes that balanced elegance with functionality. The clients also desired a property that offered privacy and was nestled in a natural setting, providing a serene environment for their family.

Client Background

Driven by the desire to obtain Spanish residency via the Golden Visa, the clients required a property that offered both luxury and practicality. Their specific vision included finding an elegant, modern house with exclusive sea views and ample space for their three kids and three dogs in a quiet and secure neighborhood outside of Barcelona. The property needed to have five bedrooms, a spacious garden, a swimming pool, and be within a 15-minute drive from the beach. Despite facing language barriers as English speakers in a Spanish-speaking environment, they were determined to find their ideal home.


Challenges Faced by the client:

Success Story 3

  1. Language Barrier: Limited proficiency in Spanish could have posed significant communication challenges during the property search and negotiation phases.
  2. Navigating Golden Visa Requirements: As non-EU citizens, the clients were unfamiliar with the local legal and administrative processes required for the Golden Visa.
  3. Conducting Property Search from Abroad: Managing the property search from abroad presented unique challenges, requiring effective local representation to ensure that all details were meticulously handled.
  4. Highly Specific Property Requirements: The clients had precise expectations for their new home, requiring a property that would not only serve as a residence but also qualify them for the Golden Visa.

Solutions Provided by Barcelo Property Invest

  1. Multilingual Support: we leveraged our English-speaking team members to bridge the language gap, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the buying process.
  2. Tailored Property Search: we conducted a comprehensive search to find a property that met all the criteria: luxury, functionality, privacy, proximity to the beach, and suitability for the Golden Visa.
  3. Comprehensive Buying Process Management: we handled all aspects of the buying process on behalf of our clients, including negotiations, legal checks, and technical evaluations, ensuring their interests were fully protected.
  4. Navigating Administrative Hurdles: we facilitated the acquisition of the NIE and the opening of a Spanish bank account, navigating the administrative challenges associated with these procedures through our extensive network and expertise.


Results & Conclusion

Success Story 3

We successfully secured a 510m² modern villa on a 2090m² plot located in Cabrera de Mar, a quiet village just north of Barcelona, surrounded by nature and offering far-reaching sea views. The villa, designed by the prestigious architect and interior designer Rifé, features five bedrooms, a vast terrace, a large swimming pool, and a very spacious garden enough for the family’s three kids and dogs. Situated just 10 minutes driving from the beach, the property’s exceptional quality finishes and its integration into the scenic landscape exceeded the family’s expectations and facilitated their Golden Visa acquisition.


This case study demonstrates our ability to navigate complex client demands and local market challenges to secure properties that not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. Through personalized service, expert guidance, and a commitment to excellence, Barcelo Property Invest continues to assist international families in finding their dream homes in Barcelona, facilitating their residency and integration into Barcelona life.

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